that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

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Get to know me meme - [4/5] favorite tv shows: Orphan Black.

Just one. I’m a few, no family too. Who am I?

Game of Sass | Stark children Edition

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"If there was anyone who knew what the love of a family truly meant, it was the Starks.”

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Season 4: episode titles [x]


judge a person by who they want on the iron throne




Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Kiss Cam Moment x

Real men turn their cap so it’s easier to kiss


this just made me so happy wtff omggggg

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Yeah, but everyone’s crazy. Everyone has to struggle and fight, they just haven’t realized it yet.

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im hiatus as always and wont go here as much. i did that last year so yeah if you want to find me go to my other blog tho i might be hiatus there as well. thanks!